Who I Treat

I treat you, with respect and warm consideration. I hold your words with the highest esteem, knowing how vulnerable one can be, once words are spoken. I hear in your stories the undertones of suffering and discontent and work in connection with you to unveil a path towards healing. Whether looking for peace and serenity, or seeking concrete change and solutions to specific difficulties, my job is to help you see more clearly the direction to help you reach these goals.

I treat you, if you are in a relationship with a loved one struggling with addiction, whether a parent, child, partner or dear friend. Sometimes we don’t know how to help or wonder if what we are doing might be contributing to their struggles. Sometimes we don’t know where to turn or what to do as we feel so entangled and effected by their actions and choices. Much of my work is with the person who loves the person struggling with addiction or excessive alcohol use. My role is not to convince you that “tough love” is the only way or that you “must leave” the relationship, rather my job is to help you figure out what will be the best way for you navigate this very difficult relationship and find a way to manage yourself within that relationship.

I treat you, when you are suffering from a loss so great that it seeps into every corner of your very being. I help you learn to heal from a devastation deeper than you thought possible from pain no person should ever have to bear. I treat you when trauma and despair penetrates your soul, working in partnership to restore hope and purpose where possible.

I treat you, when navigating life and its many transitions whether the newness of entering the independence of college or recent emergence into young adulthood and exploring the world at your feet. I treat you when navigating the changes of mid-life and the potential monotony of past choices. I treat you as you enter the sometimes not-so golden years, confronting existence itself and a desire for finding meaning while looking back, and often struggling with the daily challenges of aging.

I treat you, when you have concerns about your own possible addiction and help you find the hope and satisfaction you deserve.

From my own personal journey, I know that asking for help can be difficult. I believe that with a little self-compassion you can ask for help today. Please call me for a free consultation, (917) 922-1007 or 

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The present moment is filled
with joy and happiness.
If you are attentive,
you will see it.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

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